WIEC is a UK company, which connects international students with universities, English Language Institutes and Professional and Vocational Training Courses in the UK.

Our mission is to connect our clients with world-class training and education institutes and to provide enhanced consultancy services.

WIEC is an acronym which stands for Wahaj International Education Consultants. We have offices in the UK and in Saudi Arabia. Australia is now a new destination country with an office in Melbourne.

Our Managing Director is Atif Mohammed Gallabi who speaks fluent English, Arabic and Dutch. He has worked extensively in this field for a number of years. His dream was to set up a British company that would help find international students for the UK educational market. WIEC builds on the international work of Regenesis Squared, which taught international students for a number of years, including IELTS.

Atif Mohammed works closely with personnel who speak a myriad of modern languages including French, Spanish and Italian in order to help bridge the various countries and the UK.

WIEC provides all the support international students need to find their feet in the UK, including help with all the essential paperwork in applying for visas to even picking students up at airports, finding accommodation, liaising with local police and so on. Ultimately, our aim is to be your friend abroad so that you feel that you are welcome, invited and able to make the most of the opportunities available to you.

For further information, please read our section on Services, Universities, and even our Blog. These sections highlight what we offer to students to make their lives easier and their careers in education and beyond a straightforward and easy one. Of course, you can, at any point, contact us directly and ask us questions.