Learning English in the UK

Union Jack thumbs upWelcome to our first blog.

One of the main reason that students gravitate to the UK – no, it’s not the weather – is to learn the English language. Where better to learn the language from the land of Shakespeare?

English is quite an unusual language. It shares many qualities with other Germanic languages like German, Dutch – even Danish. You find, in fact, that Old English is very similar to Old Norse, the ancestor of Scandinavian languages. However, the rich history of the British Isles and the influence of other nations like France has led to influx of words of Romance origin – French and Latin. Later, through colonisation, more languages fed the waters of the English language.

Today, English dominates the world, not just because of colonisation and the United States, but also because of the invention of the Internet. For some subjects like Information Technology, it is a given that students must master the English language. Improving your skill in this rapidly expanding language is essential in the academic world, and even more so in the business world.

We love English and we hope that the students who visit the British Isles will come to love the language as much as we do.