WIEC is effectively attracting prospective international students across all age groups to study from English Language and foundation to PhD students in the UK.

Our clients are provided with the unique opportunity to select from a broad range of services across the WIEC Network and its affiliates. This option provides services to both institutions and students is:

  • Free services for students
  • Education counselling for interns and students.
  • WIEC Education consultant offers institutions across all education sectors in the UK service options. Institutions may choose the most appropriate services to suit their individual requirements and to position themselves to the best advantage, in an increasingly competitive international environment.
  • WIEC targets prospective, international students of all ages, of different educational backgrounds and with additional needs. Currently we recruit student from Saudi, Kuwait, the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman.

Further Details

We can help find a range of courses in the UK, for adults (18+) and for children (11+):


  • English Language Courses
  • Foundation Study
  • Professional & Vocational Courses
  • Undergraduate Study
  • Postgraduate Study
  • Postgraduate Research


  • Summer English Classes
  • Football & English Courses
    • Manchester City Football Schools
    • Chelsea FC
    • Manchester United

To help ensure that our students find the best possible learning centres in the UK, we provide the following high-quality services:

  • Education Consultancy
  • Applying for:
    • English Language Courses
    • Foundation Courses
    • UK study at undergraduate to postgraduate level
    • Access to professional studies in specialist institutions

Finally, to ensure that you have a great experience in the UK, we also provide the following support:

  • Accommodation (include home stay)
  • Picking up from airports
  • Orienting students wherever they will be studying
  • Helping students to sign up with key local agencies, e.g. the local GP (doctor)

If you think that we offer the sort of service that you are looking for then do not hesitate to contact us immediately.